Learn the basics of slot machines for novices

Learn the basics of slot machines. These are the most important points to remember before you play slots online or in a casino.


Every slot machine has several reels. Each slot machine can have up to nine reels. You can win money at an online casino such as slot88 if the reels stop spinning but line up on one or several pay lines to form winning combinations.


A payline is a row that spans the reels from left-to-right. You might see symbols in one row or spread across the reels in multiple rows. On machines, there are anywhere from one to 50 pay-lines.


The symbols of a slot machine relate to its theme and can line up to form winning combinations across a payline. A machine that is themed after an action movie may have characters and imagery from the film. Images associated with a specific sport might be found on a slot machine that is themed after a sport.

Some symbols have specific characteristics such as free spins, scatter, wild and bonus symbols. If two or more of the free spin symbols are present in one round, a machine may award a set number of spins. Wild symbols can be transformed into any character in the pay table. They are used to complete paylines. Bonus symbols are the most common triggers for a bonus round. However, scatters can also be used to activate it. Bonus rounds and free spins are often triggered by scatters.


To be eligible for the best reward, you must place the maximum stake in a progressive slot machine. If you can’t afford to place the largest bet, don’t play progressives. Many players are concerned about how much they can win in a single hit. A fan of slot machines will be attracted by the size of the jackpot. A machine that pays out more often and is more expensive to play, will pay less. Your bankroll size will also be affected.

You will need money if you want to win a progressive jackpot. Most of these machines require you to place the largest wager in order to be eligible for the progressive.

Payout table

Before you play, make sure to read the payoff table. This will tell you which combinations of symbols will get you to the bonus round, land a winning combination or give you free spins. The payoff table will show you your expected winnings based on your wager and the combination of symbols.

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