Most Popular Sports by Betting Volume

As sports betting rises in popularity, more sports fans are looking to join the business. Established sports gamblers spend billions of dollars betting at legal online betting sites like link vao w88, casinos, and local betting shops throughout the sporting season. Here you know the most popular sports in terms of betting volume.


Football is primarily popular in the United States because it is the world’s largest market, and you can bet on link vao w88. All those who are known to enjoy betting wager on this sport. Every year, the NFL wager attracts billions of dollars, and individual player bets are becoming increasingly popular in conjunction with the prediction of winners. For example, who will score a touchdown, how many yards will they gain by running or catching, etc.


It’s no surprise that soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, with over a billion dollars wagered on it in the United Kingdom alone each year. It is played all around the globe in various leagues ranging from amateur to professional, as well as continental and international events. The most popular competitions in the world are those in Europe. The most common betting game is predicting the winner, but predictions of total goals scored in a match and individual goals scored by teams are also popular.

Horse Racing

A sport so entwined with betting that it would be impossible to conceive it without it. It’s uninteresting to watch horse races if you’re not rooting for a specific horse and jockey with the hopes of winning money. Numerous important events garner a lot of attention. Although it appears to be completely random, true horse racing fans know all the variables that can influence the outcome. The jockey’s current form, weather conditions, and other factors get frequently considered.


Basketball is one of the most popular and often bet sports. While the NBA is the most well-known basketball league, other leagues across the globe generate substantial betting traffic as well. The great majority of basketball bets will get placed on spread betting. You forecast whether a team will win by a specific margin; one of the most exciting bets is estimating the margin by which a favourite team will defeat an underdog while the top squad is on the road.


In terms of betting volume, eSports is the quickest-growing sport and market. Because of the growing popularity of eSports, bookmakers get forced to react quickly or risk falling behind. While virtual racing has been around for a long time, other virtual events have recently gained popularity, with prominent bookmakers offering a variety of eSports match betting choices. As a result of the increased volume, the sports betting industry’s revenue is quickly rising.

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